Bug: Knetstats Bandwidth Monitoring Problem

I use knetstats for monitoring my wireless traffic. One fine day my wireless connection was not working as expected. I reloaded the module and reactivated the wifi device. Just to check if there were some traffic, I opened knetstats and guess what happened. I was blown the by the huge traffic on my wifi interface. The upload speed was something around 5.33 ExaBytes/sec ( or 5864061874995MB/sec) for sometime. I almost survived a heart attack. I wonder when we will have Internet connection with that speed. Here is the proof 🙂

Knetstats Gone Mad


4 thoughts on “Bug: Knetstats Bandwidth Monitoring Problem

  1. I thought its not really a bug. I think it happened because few kb were transferred in a very small fraction of a second. Any i filed the bug here.

  2. Well, next time please file bugs ONLY when you are using packages coming from Fedora and not from non-official third party repositories.


    By the way, you have a old version of knetstats. You are using fedora and are in fedora planet, you should be familiar than fedora is giving away latest versions.

    Update your knetstats version.

  3. 1. I was not aware of the fact that the package was not from fedora.
    2. I have a really bad internet connection. worse than you can imagine 🙁 That is why I am still stuck with Fedora 7. I have a local cached repo of F7 extras and rpms from all other thirds party repos. So I am still using F7 and those cached rpms.

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