How To: Test Fedora Pre-release

If you want your Fedora to be best ever, just grab a copy of Fedora DVD or live iso from here and test the features you like. Checkout the Fedora 10 feature list and test as many as possible.

If you don’t have access to optical media (cd/dvd rom) and want to try the live iso, VirtualBox is your friend. Grab the latest version of VirtualBox for your distro and platfrom from Sun download center and install using rpm or yum. Using VirtualBox is quite easy. Here is a video tutorial for noobs on how to test pre-release live ISOs using VirualBox. Have fun 🙂


4 thoughts on “How To: Test Fedora Pre-release

  1. Hey,

    Do you have a higher quality version of that video available, in Theora? I’d be interested in using it for Fedora TV… If you do, and you’re happy for me to use it (CC-BY-SA or some other suitable license), either drop me an email or head over to and file a ticket.



  2. May be I just like Virtual Box and its pretty easy to use. Though I am not enforcing anyone to use it 🙂

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