How To: Configure Kopete Messenger

Kopete is one of the Instant Messengers available for linux and is an alternate for gaim for kde. Though the older versions were not good enough to use but the recent versions are just awesome with a good gui. Its very easy to use and it also goes to the system tray when you close it. You can logon on to yahoo, msn, google talk etc. in just one widnow, minimizing the memory usage bye the application. It asks to view or ignore whenever a new message comes from a user with you were not chatting already.


1. You have to get the latest kopete package from the sourceforge or kde official site.

Unzip the bz2 package with command…

[saini@localhost]# bunzip2 -d package.bz2

change directory to package and then issue these command

[saini@localhost]# ./configure
[saini@localhost]# make
[saini@localhost]# make check
[saini@localhost]# make install

These should not give any errors, make and make install normally takes 15-20 minutes on an average machine.

Now you are ready to use kopete if it gives any problem try to have a reboot because I faced some problem which rectified itself after a reboot.

2. Adding accounts

Now go to k-menu -> internet -> kopete and that it.

When kopete opens go to settings -$gt; configure…

Kopete Main

Kopete Accounts

Click new and select new

Kopete Choose IM Server

Select yahoo and add your account…

Kopete Yahoo Username Password
Go to account preferences and browse your photograph

Kopete Yahoo User Preferences
Just click next and finish and you are done with yahoo account.

Similar is for the MSN Messenger, No special settings.

If you want google talk also. Then you have to install some support for tls

Download the source package qca-tls-1.0.tar.bz2 from here.

If it gives no errors and got install without any errors. Then go to add account and select jabber in the add acount wizard menu and do as shown

Kopete Add Gmail User

and in connection tab do

Kopete Gmail Server Preferences

click next and finish and now you can connect to Google as well.

If you have further suggestion, please leave a comment.


7 thoughts on “How To: Configure Kopete Messenger

  1. This is g8 work about kopete…mast hai..
    Hope know more about KDE product and software…

    could you post ..all the installation command..of diffrent rpm..
    and KDE porduct…
    and any other file you want..

  2. i say u dont use it, having used it for some time…
    i doubt if the developers neglect it or not…
    but kopete doesnt update your buddy list after some time of logging in
    u need to log out and login to update it…

  3. @DOOd i dont think so mr. dood, i am using it since 6-7 months and never faced problem like you are talking about. It even give a passivepop like yahoo messenger that this person is now offline, online, custom and to your knowlede yahoo doesnt give popup when a person is custom. Use it rest u’ll find.

  4. hi …
    can sumone tell me how to logout of your account on kopete.
    thanks in advance


  5. @princess awesome … i never wanted to do that and its cool if you dont know that … being online is just being alive to me ….
    well if you wanna know … click on the yahoo icon on the status bar and choose offline and you are done ….

  6. Hey i have fedora gnome desktop. When i type ./configure it give the following error

    configure: error: The important program kde-config was not found!
    Please check whether you installed KDE correctly.

    Can i not install it on gnome desktop? if yes how is it possible, its my first day with linux….

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