Info: Eclipse DemoCamps 2008 – Ganymede Edition Hyderabad

About the event from Eclipsepedia,

Eclipse is releasing version 3.4 (Ganymede) on 25th June 2008. To mark the occasion, the Eclipse foundation is organizing a series of Democamps around the world. The Hyderabad edition is organized by (a Hysea initiative). We will discuss the new features and projects in the Ganymede release, and also present a few case studies of some interesting usecases of Eclipse. The event will conclude with a networking of the Eclipse developers’ community in Hyderabad.

I happened to attend the camp with a lot of my friends. Organisers were overwhelmed by the turnout. More than 100 people (mostly from industry) attended the camp and the place was almost overcrowded. The idea was to educate the newbies about the new features in version 3.4 and showcase some demos for enterprise software development and also to bring the eclipse developers at a common platform.

The camp started with a session about the new features in Ganymede version. Kiran Kumar from Progress Software talked about the new features like improved regular expression support, changes in update manager, enhancements in PDE etc. Following this, Saurav from Pramati Technologies talked about the WTP new features in this version mainly with respect to JavaScript and other Java improvements. Finally Ravi Sankar from Progress Software concluded with Xpand demo.

All in all, it was a good event which provided a bit of exposure to the developments going on in and around Hyderabad. Thanks Hysea, Progress and Pramati for organizing the wonderful event 😀


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