Info: Fedora 10 – Cambridge Released

Fedora 10 aka Cambridge is available now.

Fedora 10 - Cambridge Released

Get your copy of Fedora 10 now.

Well, if normal Fedora, doesn’t suite you, checkout the Fedora 10 spins and get whichever suits you 🙂

Also for KDE fans, there is a special corner.

After you finished downloading, burn the ISO and check the completely detailed Fedora 10 Installation Guide. Or if you want to upgrade from existing Fedora version to Fedora 10, check the upgrade guide.

Want to read whats new and what is there inside Fedora 10, checkout the release notes in your language.

In case your CD/DVD drive is burnt 😛 , or you don’t have immediate access to optical media, check How to install Fedora 10 without CD/DVD.

Still stuck somewhere, there are a lot of ways to get help. Proceed with whatever way suites you 🙂


2 thoughts on “Info: Fedora 10 – Cambridge Released

  1. I might be interested in some of the spins, but it’s hard to tell. The names contain acronyms, and the description simply repeats the acronym. Unless I recognize what that acronym is, the name is useless. What’s FEL, AOS or broffice? XFCE is the only one I know, though others might not even know that.

    Since the table has a description field for each spin, why not (at least) expand the acronyms so folks have a clue as to whether or not it might be useful? Even better, a link to a page describing the spin in more detail. If it’s worth the time and effort to create, it should be worth the time it takes to write a paragraph describing it.

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