News : ATI Drivers 9.10 Working with 2.6.30+ Kernels

AMD released the next version 9.10 of its ATI Catalyst display drivers for Linux nearly a fortnight ago. The drivers can be download from ATI Catalyst™ 9.9 Proprietary Linux x86 Display Driver Page. The good thing about this version is that a lot of people are reporting that they can get it working on 2.6.30+ kernels. These drivers are lifesaver for people want to keep everything upto date. The corruption around cursor is still present while watching videos or with compiz enabled.

Note1 : The installation process is same as version 9.8 and can be access at How To: Install ATI Catalyst (fglrx) 9.8 Drivers on Fedora 11.
Note2 : If you want to configure dual display follow How To: Configure Dual Display with ATI Radeon (fglrx).


3 thoughts on “News : ATI Drivers 9.10 Working with 2.6.30+ Kernels

  1. Is this including .31 (a.k.a. Rawhide) and haven’t they implemented xrandr ? and if they have do I still need a xorg.conf just to have dual video and what about if I make presentation and I want to just plug in a projector ?
    p.s. 10x for the effort

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