Google is Fastest

While testing a piece of code for my squid plugin, I ended up changing permissions of /tmp/ directory to 0755. A few minutes later (after making changes to the code), I tried committing it to and got this error

[project@bordeaux youtube_cache]$ git push --all ssh://
Enter passphrase for key '/home2/Studies/project/.ssh/id_rsa':
ssh_control_listener bind(): Permission denied
fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly
error: failed to push to 'ssh://'
[project@bordeaux youtube_cache]$

Well, I couldn’t understand the error and jumped to #fedora-admin. I pasted the error on pastebin. Almost a minute laster, while trying to conquer the error, I Googled the exact error and I was damn surprised to see the paste as first result. What an indexing speed Google has??? See the screen shot for proof 🙂

Google is Fastest

In #fedora-admin ricky confirmed that nothing was wrong on server side and it should be a local problem with my machine or proxy server at my insti border. A few minutes later, I reliazed the /tmp/ permission thing and changing permissions back to 0777 fixed everything 🙂


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  1. Isnt there any chance that google was going around looking for changes , when you actually created that page ?

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