News: Memepress (Yahoo! Meme) WordPress Plugin is out!

Yahoo! Meme is a new Twitter like service in testing by Yahoo!. But its much better than Twitter. It has got facility to post text, photos, video and music. The best thing about Meme is the user interface. I am just loving it. Such a clean interface 🙂 I liked twitter’s web interface very much because it was not cluttered like facebook and others. But meme’s interface is much better than twitter’s interface.

As I felt hooked to it, I thought it’ll be a good idea to have wordpress widget to display latest posts from Yahoo! Meme. I took Twitter for WordPress plugin’s source code and started modifying it to work for Yahoo! Meme and in a few hours, I managed to get a full fledged plugin for Yahoo! Meme and a few extra features and minor bug fixes as well 🙂

I have named it Memepress. For more details and latest updates about the plugin, please visit plugin homepage on wordpress. The plugin is really easy to setup and doesn’t have any dependencies and doesn’t even need to authenticate with Yahoo! Meme.


Note: Yahoo! Meme is still invite only. If you need an account, send me an email using this contact form.


21 thoughts on “News: Memepress (Yahoo! Meme) WordPress Plugin is out!

  1. What should I fill in the username blank?My meme title is mastang,but yahoo ID is mastangkane.Although I have tried both,no one can work.

  2. Thanks for the plugin. What we were also looking for was the ability to post to meme via the wordpress admin — automatically send updates to meme whenever i update my site, like they have for twitter? Thanks!

  3. Hi Kulbir,

    I installed, and am getting this warning just above the otherwise correct results: Warning: Illegal offset type in …/wp-includes/rss.php on line 1459 when I check “Display Posts as a list”.

    So, I’ve just turned that off now and it’s working great! Thank you. Much appreciated.

    And a request: I have set width to 220, but images don’t seem to get resized. So I’m also placing a feature request.

  4. Hi Kulbir,
    Nice information!
    I have looking for something similar and was also thinking if some plugin can be made for this. but before doing that, i thought to do a bit of google to find out if a similar plugin is already in market or not and found that you have already worked on it. I am late. 🙁

    Anyways, I will test the plugin and will let you know my feedback….Nice work…keep it up.

  5. Still hoping for auto-posting to Meme whenever a new post is added to my WordPress… Like WP-Twitter, Twitter Tools, and other plugins do for Twitter.

    Crossing my fingers!

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