QuadKonsole – Programme Better

Well, the era of Quad Core computing is approaching fast. But everybody can’t just enjoy the computing powers of those high end processors due to very high cost and maintenance(power supply and heat) problems. If you are a programmer and and use linux, then you can at least have a Quad Core Konsole. I found a small application here which can change the way you program and can make programming very easy and fast. It has four konsoles tiled in one single window and comes with very easy navigation controls. You may want to give it a try. Below is a screenshot of QuadKonsole.

Quad Core Konsole

Quad Core Konsole


2 thoughts on “QuadKonsole – Programme Better

  1. I suggest you ask prof. PJN to give a demo of “how to program ?”
    I bet you won’t need quad core

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