Review: Fedora 7 – Moonshine

As expected, I upgraded to Fedora 7 – Moonshine yesterday. The coolest feature I noticed is that it automatically detected my Ralink WNC-0301 wireless lan card. Well, support for other wireless lan cards like ipw2100, ipw2200 and ipw3945 is also there which is I think the best feature. Because I see a lot of people around fighting with there wireless lan cards to work under Fedora Cores.

The gui is kind of improved but one more cool thing that you will notice is the theme “flying high”. The wallpapers, splash screen, login screen are improved a lot. Overall, the artwork part is worked out hardly. Default font is also nice.

A lot of media players are provided. amarok and kaffeine are included first time but amarok with no mp3 support. You have to install gstreamer and gstreamer08 plugins to make it work. The system preferences menu is totally different with similar tasks being grouped.

In addition to all that now Fedora also has some basic directories in the home directory like Documents, Music, Pictures, Videos, Downloads.

Everything else is the same with upgraded versions.

Here is a Video of my current Fedora 7 desktop.

PS0 : There seems to be some problem after installing the nvidia driver for F7. Follow the procedure here replacing everything related to fc6 by f7 and at the end after configuring your xorg.conf file make these changes

The section “Files” should be like this

Section "Files"
	ModulePath "/usr/lib/xorg/modules,/usr/X11R6/lib/modules/"

now restart the xserver and the nvidia will work 😀 .

For more info refer my xorg.conf for F7.

PS1 : If you are a IIITian, I suggest you not upgrade to F7 because iyum is not yet configured to cache F7 rpms and you have to install updates for your OS from the internet and that really sux. So, wait for iyum repo for F7 to be up and then upgrade.

PS2 : Pidgin has some memory leaks … its consuming 2GB virtual memory … here’s the proof … I am back to kopete again 😉

Pidgin Memory Leak

Pidgin Memory Leak

Edit : If you are looking for wireless configuration in Fedora 7, here is a reference.


10 thoughts on “Review: Fedora 7 – Moonshine

  1. @rorschach i am as loyal to Fedora as I am to my motherland … neways I hate Novell after that MS-Novell deal. I am not gonna use SuSE unless and until its like use or die.

  2. Hello! I found your blog googling “WNC-0301 fedora 7” because after a clean install of F7 yesterday, this wireless card of mine was not even detected at all. We are both talking about Level One WNC-0301, right? So… I ask for your lights:
    1) Did you do a clean install or you upgraded from a version that already had the card detected and working?
    2) If it was a clean install, did you do any tweaking for the card to work? Were you asked for any parameter to be entered during installation?
    3) Do you have any security (WEP, WPA) working?

    Thanks in advance for your time.

  3. @Zim
    Yeah, we are talking about Ralink rt2500 Level One WNC-0301.
    1) I did a clean install. I didn’t upgrade from any previous version.
    2) I didn’t tweak anything. I just did a complete/full installation. I was not asked for any parameters during installation or post installation.
    3) I am working in WEP enabled wireless.
    Well if its not working for you, then you can go directly with rt2500 drivers. The procedure is explained here.
    Best of luck …
    Edit : Hey it stopped working for me. I am in process of making it work. Hope I’ll do it soon.
    Edit 2: I did it. Check out here.

  4. Hi,

    I am not able to get widescreen working. Display Apdaper is detected as VESA for Intel original dg33fb.

    Can you help?

    Yours Sincerely,


  5. @Rajesh
    use command ‘system-config-display’, enter root password and then in ‘hardware’ section, configure your monitor type. Choose generic crt or lcd depending on your monitor and select the resolution supported by your monitor. Then save it and choose appropriate resolution in settings section. Now, restart the X-server and I think it’ll work. If any more questions, please write the details like what you did, description of your monitor etc.

  6. hi everybody in had installed fedora7moonshine&version but the problem is it asking plug ins to play mp3 & avi and so many format can you help me in solving the problem

  7. you can use yum to install media support. e.g. “yum install mplayer vlc gstreamer” to get all media formats working.

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