Bye Bye Windows

A ruff day again … but a day I think I’ll remember for long or may be forever … the day of change … the day you grow up and take decision not to mess up your life anymore …

well, ORB posted some pics of a game here (intranet link) and I just asked about the minimum hardware configuration for running the game. His reply was minimum requirements for u is first start using windows“. well, I use linux most of the times but I have windows xp as well, though sitting idle on my hdd. I didn’t a expect a comment like that.

As I am leaving for home on 10th of this month, I switched to windows. I started writing some data onto DVDs for taking them along with me. While writing the first DVD, it failed at 95%. Suddenly, I got an idea that I would take my hard disk instead of writing the DVDs this time. I’ll buy a SATA to USB converter and transfer the data through USB. So, started collecting the data. While downloading a movie from some ftp, a virus came over and attacked my pc. Strange virus!!! whenever I open any window with title having any of the words task manager, antivirus, virus, norton, symantec, mcaffee etc., it just minimize the window and kill the process immediately. ohh !!! I tried all the ways I know or I could have, but in vain.

So, thought of formatting my windows partition and reinstall the windows. Booted from the xp cd and …. and black screen …. ohh god … i have got this SATA-II hdd. shit!!! Technology is just to fool humans not to help in the real sense. The windows xp doesn’t install on sata hard disks.

To get through, I had two ways … either I go by the long, irritating way of patching the xp iso with sata drivers or format the entire hdd and create one single partition using Partition Magic and then install the xp. Tried patching first … long long process … gave up early … and there is not point in formatting the entire hdd for the crappy os. The best thing is that Fedora 7 is out with a great support for virtualization.

So, I have finally decided to kick windows out of my hdd forever or as long as possible and keep only Fedora. I will really miss AOE but I can’t live with the threats anymore.

I remember a line from one of our English books “Calamity will come and teach them by torture.”. I think this is going to happen to everyone sometime down the line.

So, from now on, I am totally free and secure.


9 thoughts on “Bye Bye Windows

  1. I had a similar experience with Windows a little over two years ago. It push me over the edge to Linux. What I liked about your story and why I’m commenting is this: “I think this is going to happen to everyone sometime down the line.” Yes, as the XP machines continue dieing, and users have grown weary of reinstalling or paying some tech guy $75 to “fix” their computer, we’ll begin to see a steady increase in Linux users.

  2. somewhat similar thing happened to me a week back. one fine day, my windows just stopped booting although i hadn’t used it for long. it left me with no choice but to reinstall win.
    but actually it made me happy, i got 20 more gbs to store movies 😛

  3. Dont know whats the problem with u guys.

    I did hav stupid problems with windows.
    but linux is no less, my FC4 keeps hanging in my lab system but my windows runs like charm, whats the answer 2 that? FC4 32bit is supposed 2 b the stable most.

    But i never crib that that OS sux or something. an OS can never meet a single person’s needs, its as simple as that.

    Just use both when needed.

  4. @ORB
    don’t worry buddy I read your last post … sorry for any offense …
    I think I didn’t curse directly …
    Just one instance “crappy os”

    >>> Just use both when needed.
    I was doing that from last 2 years … but now I think I don’t really need it anymore … and even if I … I’ll use it in Virtual machine 🙂

  5. yeah, i agree with you @gen bord… both are built for their own separate purposes, and are good at just that.
    if you expect to try coding in windows.. you’ll manage but won’t be as good as in Linux. Similar argument holds (of course, in reverse) for gaming.
    I use windows and opensuse and i’m proud of the both :O)

  6. whats windows? 😀 its fine once in a while but with more games coming for linux who cares now anyways. btw, aoe runs fine under wine, just a little tweaking needed for network play. try it out.

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