Review : Fedora 8 Test 3

Fedora 8 Test 3 aka Fedora 7.92 is out now and available for download from Fedora mirrors. I downloaded the Test 3 Live CD iso and just tested in Virtual Machine qemu. Believe me, Fedora 8 is going to be a huge improvement in basic graphics in Fedora. The graphical interface is far better than the previous release and it’ll be a delight to work on the new default Gnome theme called Nodoka especially designed for Fedora 8.The new release has got glassy/glossy looks everywhere from buttons to icons to menus.The login screen has come a long way. The electronics spin of Fedora 8 will definitely be a gift for people studying electronics at engineering level as they have introduced some packages related to circuit design and all.

I am happy to see that eclipse will be back in Fedora 8. Also, Fedora 8 comes with codecBuddy which will help to guide people to use free alternatives of audio/video codecs. A better network support is guaranteed for sure 🙂 Also, developes are trying to limit the use of desktop environment as root. In Test 3 if you try to login as root, the gdm will display a warning.

If you want to browse complete feature list for Fedora 8 Test 3, it is available here.

More about Fedora 8 Test 3 in pictures below or you can browse these pictures here.

Login Screen New Default GNOME Theme New Clear And Glassy Menus The Terminal

New Grouped Preferences Menu Advanced Network Configuration Network Works Here Root Disabled

PS1 : Waiting for 8th November eagerly.


12 thoughts on “Review : Fedora 8 Test 3

  1. man why dont you teach us how to use Eclipse platform.. a tutorial could do it!
    congrats for the project and thanx for the news on fedora.. it rocks!

  2. Meri taraf se aapko hardik shubhkamnayein……..
    “Heartiest Congratulations!!!!” to you from my side……..
    Keep it up!!!!
    I will install Fedora 8 as soon as possible……

  3. The GUI looks exactly like 7, just a change of theme does not make it “a huge improvement in basic graphics in Fedora” and it is not true that “The graphical interface is far better than the previous release”.

    Even the login screen can be change in 7 to look like 8…

    so it is either that you have not seen Fedora 7,, or your eyes can see things that I can’t…

  4. @Fahad
    I think the second is true 😛
    and by the way have you used it or just predicting by looking at the shots.

    PS : You can get the same effect in even FC6 or even FC5. Why do you use F7 ?

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